The Art School Classes

Classes and workshops at the Center are presented in a non-competitive, social and supportive environment. All members of the community are invited to explore creativity, to develop a craft, and to create a new artistic skillset.  Classes at The Art School are taught by a core faculty of professional working artists. We offer classes in visual art, music, dance, theatre, and writing for people of all ages and abilities.



For more information about The Art School and our core faculty, please visit our teacher bios page.


Open Life Drawing/Painting

with Jackie Reeves
ongoing - Tuesdays, 6:45 PM in the Art Studio

These sessions provide an opportunity to work in a studio environment from a live model in the artists preferred medium. Artist Jackie Reeves will structure and time the model as well as be available for some basic instruction and coaching (optional for those who would like it). The sessions begin with about 25 minutes of warm up gesture poses and increase in time toward longer studies. Easels are provided and supplies for warm up gestures are available (charcoal and newsprint). Bring your own materials for longer poses. 

Cape Cod Drum Circle

with Sam Holmstock of Entrain
1st Monday of each month, beginning January 4th

Cape Cod Drum Circle     

A Drum Circle is a group of people, from just a few to say 50, sitting in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and World percussion. It evokes the universal rhythm inside of us all. Anyone can participate. No experience necessary.

Drumming through Trauma

with Sam Holmstock of Entrain
Ongoing: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 5:30pm

Cotuit Center for the Arts is offering Drumming through Trauma, designed for veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also open to anyone struggling with trauma of any kind:  brain injury, stroke, dementia, and PTSD.

Drumming through Trauma is comprised of weekly 60-minute classes using Conga drums and hand instruments. The classes focuses on drumming as a group, and each week begins with a warm up and ends with open jamming, also known as a drum circle.

Miss Lori’s Creative Movement and Lunch Bunch!

with Miss Lori Dutra
Begins June 28th- Drop-Ins Welcome!
Ages 3-11

Children are invited to join this movement class to have open play with balls, hoops, parachutes, gymnastics wedges, soccer nets, and more. You’ll find some babies, lots of toddlers, and a few older kids at Creative Movement and lunch bunch. Kids bring a peanut-free lunch and water bottle to have in the Art Studio or Outside on the picnic table at 11:30! Preregistration or Drop-in rates available. For more information email:

The Expressive Landscape in Pastel, Summer 2016

With Ed Chesnovitch
Begins July 11- Drop-Ins Welcome!

Turn on the light! Fire up your imagination and explore the expressive side of landscape pastel painting. This soft pastel class will focus  
on creating strong simplified starts using big shapes of beautiful color.  We will experiment and explore various under-painting techniques using pastel, mark making, and significant color choices to push a painting further. Students will develop their own style while learning about composition, value, and technique. Discussion, mini-demos, exercises, critiques, individual coaching and more painting! Go beyond your comfort zone, create a more dynamic sense of atmosphere and have confidence with pastel.

Mixed Media Drawing- July 2016

with Jackie Reeves
Begins July 27

This class is for those who are comfortable with the basics of drawing and feel ready to explore unique expressive mixed media techniques. Working from still life and a live model, students will receive demos and instruction on creating with a variety of dry and wet media and collage on paper and art boards. The goal in this class is to push through simply drawing what you see by learning how to build up surface and then self edit through collage and paint application. Examples of expressive drawing in contemporary art practices will be shared to further spark ideas and new possibilities.  There will be a live model for the last class. 

Intermediate Adult Tap, September 2016

with Susan Friedman
Begins September 8

Cape Cod master teacher Susan Mendoza Friedman brings her tap energy and creative style to every class. This is a continuation of the Beginner Tap class or for those who are  familiar with the  basic knowledge of tap terminology. More advanced  technique will be introduced building on the curriculum from Beginner Tap.  By the end of the session, students will complete a full length choreographed tap dance and may have performance opportunities. A fabulously fun class and a great cardio workout…not to mention the sing-along possibilities with music we all love!

What’s Your Story, Morning Glory? A Writing Gym for Women-September 2016

with Christine Ernst
Begins September 10

Have you always wanted to write but worry that your story's not that interesting? Do you own a collection of blank journals that you never write in because your story's not important enough? What are you waiting for? Join our class and discover a world of story in your day to day. Each class is structured around simple and fun writing exercises, experience mining, exploration of the personal narrative, and optional weekly take-home assignments. No judgment, no critique, just lots of writing -- also sharing through reading aloud, if you choose.

Introduction to Ukulele, September 2016

with Steve Gregory
Begins September 10
Adults and Teens

Everyone is musical. Explore the music in you with the Ukulele! The Ukulele has enjoyed a come back in recent years with popular artists such as Train, IZ, and Jake Shimabukuro leading the charge. Students will learn basic chords and strumming patterns to classic songs. Singing along is encouraged but not required. Once you’ve learned a few basic techniques, you’ll be on your way to playing pretty much any song you’d like to. Performance opportunities are available as well! Please bring your own ukulele.

Intermediate Ukulele, September 2016

with Steve Gregory
Begins September 10

Intermediate Ukulele covers finger picking, single note melody playing, advanced and novelty strumming patterns, tablature, jazz chords and other fun approaches to the instrument. Arrangements are new and fresh for each new session. We'll be covering songs by artists such as The Beatles, Van Morrison, as well as Motown classics and tunes from the Great American Songbook. Join us for some playing and singing. Performance opportunities are available as well!

Expressive Pastels, September 2016

with Ed Chesnovitch
Begins September 12- Drop-Ins Welcome!

Turn on the light! Fire up your imagination and explore the expressive side of pastel painting. This soft pastel class will focus on creating strong simplified starts using big shapes of beautiful color.  We will experiment and explore various under-painting techniques using pastel, mark making, and significant color choices to push a painting further. Students will develop their own style while learning about composition, value, and technique. Discussion, mini-demos, exercises, critiques, individual coaching and more painting! Go beyond your comfort zone, create a more dynamic sense of atmosphere and have confidence with pastel.

Ballet Barre, September 2016

with Susan Friedman
Begins September 12- Drop-Ins Welcome!

This class is for those looking for a moderate fitness workout and much more!  Students will tone the entire body with a variety of stretching and strengthening barre exercises as well as center work on the mat. Treat yourself to an hour where you can lose yourself in beautiful music and explore your “Inner Ballerina”. Yoga mat and set of light weights are suggested. Ballet or other soft dance shoes required. Tutus optional!

Beginning Tap, September 2016

with Susan Friedman
Begins September 12

Cape Cod master teacher Susan Mendoza Friedman will introduce basic tap technique with her usual energy and creative style. This is the same as the evening class, just a different daytime offering. For those who have no previous tap experience but who want to become the next Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire! Great music…great exercise…great fun!  You are guaranteed to leave the class with a smile.

Arts and Movement Lunch Bunch

with Miss Lori
Begins September 13- Drop-Ins Welcome!

A first introduction to the arts and movement where students will dance to music, make arts and crafts, take nature walks, do drama and much more. Class begins with lunch, and each class will be different. For ages preschool-elementary. Homeschoolers welcome! Children should bring a peanut-free lunch and a water bottle.

My Dance Class, September 2016

with Michele Colley
Begins September 14- Drop-Ins Welcome!

This six-session cardio-dance class is for every level of dancer and exercise enthusiast. Students will learn original choreography combining Hip-hop, Funk, Broadway, Jazz, Latin, Modern, and whatever style fits the music. We will address the five components of fitness: cardiovascular, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body fat, in a fun and funky way. It is a non-stop, 60 minute workout that will melt away fat while boosting your dance skills. My Dance Class gives dancers of all ages the ability to attain their fitness goals.

Portrait Sculpture

with Neil Grant
Begins September 15
This class is for beginner and intermediate sculptors.  Learn how to create realistic and beautiful portrait sculptures in clay.  Initially you’ll learn the ‘golden rules’ for making a clay face look like a real face before moving on to tackle a live model.  Classes will include demonstrations of each stage of creating a portrait, with emphasis on the overall facial structure as well as a focus on individual features.  You’ll also learn how to hollow your piece for firing as well as finish it for display.  While leaving room for artistic expression, the goal of this course is to teach a simple, systematic approach to producing ceramic portraits that’s also fun.

Silver Swans Senior Adult Ballet- NEW!

with Susan Friedman
Begins September 16

This six week class includes a simple traditional barre, center and across the floor dance that brings out your inner grace and beauty. This class is more about the enjoyment of movement than how high you can kick your leg. Dance that will keep you feeling beautiful and fit inside and out!

Theatre Workshop, September 2016

with Karen Santos
Begins September 17
Ages 10-14

Have a blast in this six week session consisting of theatre games and exercises, improvisation, story building and enactment, and basic acting techniques. The class focus is on participation and experience and will culminate in a final performance showcasing what students have learned. It’s a fun class designed for your imagination and creativity! New material for returning students!

Introduction to Guitar, September 2016

with Aaron Mayo
Begins September 17
Adults & Teens

In this 6-session introductory guitar class, you will learn the basics of playing guitar. Students will learn the chords and be able to play hundreds of songs! Don’t forget your guitar!

Fall Watercolor Painting, September 2016

with Rosalie McCarthy
Begins September 21

Contrary to popular belief, watercolor is very forgiving.  It  has a fluidity and transparency unlike any other medium.  Prior to beginning a beautiful painting, you'll  be guided in sketching the subject (no prior drawing experience necessary). You'll learn glazing, brush loading, color mixing, paint lifting and control techniques as you gradually developing your painting allowing for adjustments along the way.

There will be ongoing individual guidance, instruction and demonstrations in a supportive, non-intimidating and fun atmosphere. Various papers, brushes and equipment will be discussed together with helpful handouts to assist you on your painting journey.  Beginners to advanced skill levels welcome.

Fall Acrylic Painting, September 2016

with Rosalie McCarthy
Begins September 23

This class will guide you with individual attention  in completing a beautiful fall scene in glorious colors.  They'll be ongoing instruction and demonstrations which will demystify the painting process. Beginning with a simple sketch, continuous light  layers of paint are applied, allowing for adjustments along the way as your painting slowly emerges. Final details will create energy and life to your painting. An overview of supplies, techniques, brush loading and application along with helpful handouts will guide you on your painting journey.  

Saturday Yoga - Riding the Waves Within

with Michele Colley
year-round, ongoing Saturdays 8:00am-9:30am

This class is yoga instruction designed to the individual needs of the students. The practice centers on watching the postures from with in, to deepen the practitioners understanding of the work and their body. Michele is a certified Massage Therapist who has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years. She brings a deep knowledge of traditional yoga and the human body to her classes, Her instruction focuses on the individual needs of her students and their bodies providing each with challenging and rewarding work. She will often incorporate her training in dance, Pilates and Feldenkrais into the instruction. 

SUNday Morning Yoga

with Virginia Ryan
ongoing, Sunday mornings 8:30-9:45 am

SUNday morning Yoga – This  pure and simple 75-minute Hatha-based yoga class is for all levels.

We will move to the rhythm of our breath, creating inner space to promote health, healing, strength and confidence. The class will begin with deep stretching then move into a gently-paced Vinyassa flow centered around sun salutations.