May-June 2017 Exhibits


An Open Juried Exhibit

Toni Spadafora
Journey: People, Patterns, Puzzles

Sculpture by Madeline Arnault

EXHIBIT DATES:  May 20-June 18, 2017
May 20, 5:00-7:00pm
Please join us for a talk with the artists at 5pm
followed by a reception.

About the Exhibits

An Open Juried Exhibition


“Home”, an open juried exhibition will run May 20 through June 17, 2017 at Cotuit Center for the Arts. The exhibition will be juried by artist Toni Spadafora whose solo exhibit will run concurrently. The juried exhibit will occupy the lower gallery space which can accommodate large works. Works of all mediums and sizes encouraged.

Juror’s statement:

The world from 30,000 feet is a huge puzzle made up of shapes, colors and endless strings of connections and roads. within that chaos we find places to live - we choose a place - the place becomes us and we become that place.  When you need to move on, whether by choice or force, you can choose what pieces to take with you… or not.

- Toni Spadafora

Accepted Artists:

  • Dixon Bergman
  • Patty Calkins-Martin
  • Mikael Carstanjen
  • Evan Charney
  • Susan Elizabeth Clark
  • Lee Connolly-Weill
  • Betsy Payne Cook
  • Daniel Michael Dobbins
  • Mary Doering
  • Robert Dunn
  • Orfeo Fabbri
  • Carolyn Ferrell
  • Douglass Gray
  • Lois Hirshberg
  • Tom Johnson
  • Amy Kaufman
  • Leslie Kramer
  • Dave Lance
  • Jess Golden Linehan
  • Diane McKee
  • Pat McNabb
  • Wayne Miller
  • Mary Moquin
  • Richard Neal
  • Jessie Nickerson
  • Jeanmarie O’Clair
  • Kim Rumberger
  • Paul D. Schmid
  • Lyn Slade
  • Claudia Smith-Jacobs
  • Sherri Starr
  • Linda Maria Steele
  • Margaret Stevens
  • Muriel Thomas
  • Alan Trugman
  • Frank Winters


Toni Spadafora
Journey: People, Patterns, Puzzles


Toni Spadafora Artist Statement:

I collage. 
I tell stories. 
Pieced together about 
their relationship to 

I like looking at the world from 30,000 feet. It is a huge puzzle made up of shapes, colors and endless strings of connections and roads. From above we can follow each road and river to their end. From the ground we never know where a road might lead us. That is both the beauty and the apprehension of a journey.

Using my own digital photography, vintage and contemporary maps, assorted paper elements, and fabric and thread my multi-media collage work explores the relationship between people and their environment. 

The elements of chance combined with handmade construction are important to my creative approach as I uncover the human story. The process of collage is truly a journey - I never know where a piece will ultimately take me. I never end up with what I had planned. 

When you begin a journey and simply allow the road to take you somewhere - it can be beautiful.

Sculpture by Madeline Arnault


Artist Statement:

The human body is infinite in its variations and infinitely interesting in its ability to express emotion. Our bodies are special and individual. Body language and gesture are fluid and ever evolving. Movement is one of the main ways we interact with each other and the world; it is a common language with many dialects.

 My work aims to capture the essence of that fluidity in a single slice of time. It draws inspiration from everyday mundane gestures and also from the effusive vocabulary of dance. By creating a three-dimensional artwork the motion continues.

To better express the extraordinary range of expression in the human form my work takes liberties with proportion. How we view ourselves is often contrary to our appearance as others see us. My art seeks not to represent that appearance but rather the differences in perspectives. I look to coax the special from the ordinary and to isolate the world as I observe it through the expression of movement.

 - Madeline Arnault