Learning Adobe Lightroom Classic


with Bob Singer       ADULTS
6 classes, Mondays, Apr 2-May 14

Move up from "newbie" to intermediate/advanced level photo editing in this new class with instructor/juried master fine art photographer Bob Singer! 

This practicum introduces you to all of Lightroom Classic CC's modules and controls, but invests the majority of class time in its LIBRARY, DEVELOP, and PRINT modules, the ones where you'll likely spend almost all of your time and effort. Our hands-on approach invites you to bring your own laptop to class (it's optional, not required) so that you can comfortably work on your own computer as you advance from novice to intermediate skill levels and beyond with instructor guidance and supervision all the way.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Photoshop are the most-used photo management and editing programs in the world. Both programs are available for Microsoft Windows-based and Apple computers. While you may only need Lightroom to manage and edit your pictures, both programs share a common and compatible processing core that lets you easily move pictures between them, giving you access to both programs' unique strengths when you are ready to fulfill more advanced creative visions. Photographers who have no need for Photoshop's highly sophisticated image tools can use Lightroom very successfully alone to edit their images. Later in class, we'll show how you can use Lightroom and Photoshop together as you move into more advanced editing techniques. (We won't be teaching Photoshop in this class. Photoshop will be offered as a separate class later this year.)

Mondays, April 2 - May 14 (no class Apr 16)
1:00pm-3:00pm in the Schoolhouse
6 classes, $180/$153 members

Questions? Contact Bob at bobsinger@comcast.net