Nature Fun with Nikki!


with Nicole Paxton       KIDS
Ages 5-11
Mon-Fri, Aug 21-25

Nature Fun with Nikki is a hands-on super-fun class where kids will learn about the plants and bugs in our local natural ecosystem -- why we need good bugs and how to deter pesky ones, what makes a weed a weed, why we need butterflies and bees, and how we can attract them using native plants. Students will learn to plant and grow herbs and flowers and learn how to harvest them. 

They'll examine plants at different stages, and make a craft from harvested herbs. Each student will work on their own vision board every day in class to reinforce what they have learned and to give them the opportunity to explore nature through their own creativity.

Everyone will go home at the end of the week with an inspiring vision board and a few plants to grow at home! 

Mon-Fri, 9 am-11am, Art Studio (5 classes)
$160/$136 members, all materials included

Nikki Paxton is a backyard organic farmer, educator, and horticulturalist rearing three children and a large flock of chickens in Sandwich, MA.