Not-So-Grim Fairy Tale Theater


with Ed O'Toole       KIDS
Ages 8-14
12 classes, Tues/Thurs,Oct 10-Nov 21    NEW DATES!

Students will write, direct, and perform a version of at least one (possibly more) classic fairy tales, with the emphasis on humor, particularly satire and parody. By staging a parody (which we hope will be funny at least part of the time), students will learn about some of the key building-blocks of storytelling, from clichés and tropes, to stereotypes and archetypes. Under the guidance of veteran educator and director, Ed O'Toole, students will learn about vivid writing and characterization, plot structure, narration and dialogue, how to write a play that appeals to older and younger audiences at the same time, and the importance of collaboration.
There are two goals for the class: to introduce kids to theatre and writing, and to have FUN! The class will end in a performance open to people of all ages who have an ear for music, an eye for talent, and a nose for humor!  

Tuesdays and Thursdays, October 10 - November 21
no class on October 17
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm in the Schoolhouse
12 classes, $275/$233.75 members