Wine & Music Wednesday, July 2017


July 19, 6:00pm

Featuring Russell Kramer on piano.

Wine and Music Wednesday is an open house held in our Gallery on the third Wednesday of every month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, with wine tasting and live music.

The first event was held in March of 2010 and it has become a very popular event at the Center. It’s the perfect way to end your day, start your evening or just join friends for a night out looking at terrific art. Tickets are just $10 or $5 for members and are only available at the door.

Join us for a splendid selection of wines and live music!

About Russell Kramer

A creative one-sentence description of your music: 'Harmonious keyboard melodies and rhythms woven with cello, flute and percussion with a cinematic feel.'

Finish the sentence, someone will like my music if they like...'Keith Jarrett, George Winston, and Tangerine Dream.'

Key career highlights: 'Performances at The Center For The Arts in Natick, MA, The Cotuit Center for the Arts, and house concerts on Cape Cod.'

How and when I started making music: 'Music runs in my family. I remember as a child my Mom thumping away on the Baldwin spinet piano improvising from Handel's 'Messiah,' to 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' to her original songs rattling the dishes on the Dutch Cupboard. Piano was my first love in music. Apart from learning by listening, I had a natural gift to play piano from about age 8 and started formal piano lessons at 14 with a preference for classical music. In junior high I started clarinet in the school band continuing with other reed instruments through high school. My Dad was an audiophile with the latest stereo systems pumping out classical music, so both parents were early influences.'

What makes your music different: 'My music is often in unusual and changing time signatures, yet still flows with a cinematic feel, and fresh compositional style. There are both spiritual elements and even a theatrical flair with hints of youthfulness and innocence.'

Convince me to come to your next show: 'Come journey with me, be touched by the soothing and sparkling tones of original keyboards. Experience the deep spiritual inspired harmonious melodies and rhythms right from the source. From the ephemeral beauty and introspection of 'Water' to the youthful playfulness of 'Cocoa Belly' to the majestic 'Dynosoar Above The Clouds,' you'll be inspired, amused and amazed at the scintillating performance.'

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you have to offer them as an artist? 'Music is giving and receiving. Music means nothing to me without sharing it, inspiring others and responding to their inspiration in turn. So connecting with music fans is vital. As an artist I offer sincerity, joy, gratitude, healing, soothing tones, a sacred space and time zone for you to enter and connect on your own terms with the great spirit which inspires me. I offer a connection between music and visual art to express my visions and insights into my music. I offer the story behind my music as well as the story within my music. This is in the form of photographic images from nature, original graphics and videos.'