Volunteer Achievements


Total hours volunteered in 2016.....36,519 hours!  And what do our volunteers do?

We have volunteers that greet patrons, check folks in and distribute tickets, collect those same tickets, help patrons find seats, and point folks in the directions of the bar and restrooms. Pre-show these folks can be found collating handbills with our fabulous program books and straightening chairs and tables. When the lights come up these good people help clean up and prep the theater for the next event.

To make our main stage shows happen we have volunteers who sing, dance and act through weeks of rehearsals learning songs, lines, dance steps, and many I am sure continue to practice outside of rehearsals to make the best show possible. And we cannot forget the parents who transport our younger, talented actors back and forth to rehearsals and shows. There are volunteers helping to build and paint sets, sew costumes, finding just the right props. And some shows require a HUGE cast party, think Oklahoma! and Scrooge: The Musical, where volunteers cook and bake an amazing array of food for the party celebrating our fabulous casts.

We have volunteers that serve on all our committees and our board of directors. Committees that find artists for gallery shows, review budgets and finances, recommend theater and music events, ensure proper governance of the organization, distribute publicity posters to over 100 locations, write articles for the program books, find sponsors, create and email the quarterly volunteer newsletter and the annual volunteer survey, coordinate and manage volunteer orientation, call new volunteers and welcome them to the Center. We have volunteers who enter information into key databases ensuring you receive emails and other communications as a volunteer, member, sponsor or donor. We have volunteers recruiting new members who in many cases turn into volunteers.

We have volunteers at our monthly Wine & Music who sign guests in, collect money, create name tags and distribute raffle tickets. These same folks make up cheese trays, keep the nibbles table stocked and then help clean up when the event is over. The same goes for our gallery openings. We have a group of volunteers doing all the set-up, food prep, and guest welcoming tasks.

We have volunteers that help plan events like Entertainment Tonight and our Kentucky Derby Gala. They collect donations for silent auctions, developing marketing plans, find caterers and food vendors, and schedule volunteers. At ET and the Derby, volunteers fill many, many roles, from checking in patrons to staffing the wine pull to feeding volunteers and performers, directing traffic in the parking lot, assisting patrons with the auctions, and selling raffle tickets.

Volunteers assist on campus projects large and small, doing everything from small repairs and painting projects to helping with the 2016 Black Box renovation. Whether gardening or spring clean-up, volunteers stepped up.  Volunteers also help keep the Center organized, especially in the various building basements, never-ending work it seems.

If you volunteer with us now, maybe 2017 is a good year to try something new.  And if you haven't volunteered before, maybe something is piquing your interest.  Give the Center a try! 


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Volunteer Achievements

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