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Introducing Black Box Season and Half Season Subscriptions!

Our Black Box is home to new, exciting, experimental, thought-provoking, and powerful works, and now you have the opportunity to support the whole season there and save a few dollars along the way! We have two options available:

Season Subscription: See all 12 shows this year for the price of 9! A great value for the biggest Black Box fans!

Half Year Subscription: See 6 Black Shows for the price of 5! Curate your own season from the 12 available shows. A great value for our seasonal (or busy!) friends!

Click the button below to purchase the subscription of your choice. Use the arrows next to the subscription name to pick the number of tickets you’d like to purchase for each show. On the following page, choose the shows you would like to see and the then the date and time of the show. If buying the Half Year Subscription, select six different shows from among the 12 available.

(But wait! I don’t know what I’ll be doing next week let alone this December! Fear not! Pick a day of the week that usually works for you and you can reschedule within one week of the date of each performance, just call the Box Office or send an email to and we’ll move your tickets at no cost.)

Members! Members will receive a code to get a member’s price for each subscription! Just one of so many benefits to being a member of CCftA!

The Full Year Subscription will be available until Thursday, March 7, the opening of Seminar. The Half Year Subscription will be available until Thursday, July 11, the opening of Brittany Loves Lucy. If you want to take advantage of these deals get those orders in before then!

So excited about our Black Box programming that you’ve already purchased tickets for an event this year? Just call the Box Office at 508-428-0669 ex. 1 or email Jason at and we can credit your purchases to the price of a subscription!

2019 Black Box Season

The Weight of Silence
January 10 - 27
Written by Cheryl Allan Carlyle, presented by Anna Marie Johansen
Features a mostly female cast whose struggles shed light on everything from abandonment to abuse, and on the inner child who shoulders it all.

February 7 - 24
Written by Nick Payne, presented by Jason Mellin
This spellbinding play explores how even the smallest change in our lives can dramatically alter the course we take.

March 7 - 24
Written by Theresa Rebeck, presented by Watermelon Alligator Theater Company
Seminar tells the story of four young writers who each pay $5,000 for a ten-week seminar with Leonard, an international literary figure.

April 4 - 21
Written by Laurence Leamer, presented by Linda Monchik
The Kennedy story as told by the matriarch who lived it all. Inspired by audio recordings Rose Kennedy made, Rose takes the audience on a fascinating and unexpected journey.

May 9 - 26
Written by Moira Buffini, presented by Marcus Liuzzi
A comedy about Margaret Thatcher and The Queen of England. A very funny portrait of a relationship between monarch and prime minister that clearly wasn’t made in heaven.

Fully Committed
June 6 – 23
Written by Becky Mode, presented by Ruthe Lew
This devastatingly funny one act follows a day in the life of Sam Peliczowski, an out-of-work actor who mans the red-hot reservation line at Manhattan’s number-one restaurant.

Brittany Loves Lucy
July 11 - 28
Written and presented by Brittany Halls
A hilarious recreation of I Love Lucy’s famous “Vitameatavegamin” episode.

Dark Night Cabaret
August 19 - September 2

The cast features a rotating group of performers, some of your favorite Cape singers!

A Woman’s Heart
September 12 - 29 in the Black Box
Written and presented by Judith Partelow
This play explores the feminine spirit as it evolves through child-rearing, career, love relationships, and inevitable sufferings toward an integrated and joyful embrace of life.

October 10 - 27 in the Black Box
Written by EA Kafkalas and presented by Watermelon Alligator Theater Company
“How long, and how tight, should you hold on to a part of yourself that’s no longer there?” It’s the most wrenching question in this play about a woman facing breast cancer and the aftermath.

Flowers in the Desert
November 7 - 24 in the Black Box
Written by Donna Hoke, presented by Jade Schuyler
After 14 years of marriage, Britt and Joe called it quits, so Joe is surprised when, three years later, Britt asks him to try again...

I and You
December 5 - 22 in the Black Box
Written by Lauren Gunderson, presented by Ryan Rudewicz
Two adolescents let down their guard and share their secrets, bonding over a shared poetry project for school.