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A Little Sketchy: An Open Juried Exhibit

  • Aug 6 — Sep 11, 2022

Opening Reception Saturday, August 6, 2022

Exhibit on view August 6, 2022 - September 11, 2022
Tue – Sat
10:00am to 4:00pm

What is wrong with being “A Little Sketchy”? Well, our artists certainly have let their imaginations and sketches run wild! They have dazzled us with their wonderful interpretations of this theme! The art they are “drawn” to! Congratulations to all those selected for this wonderful open juried exhibit!

Accepted Works:

Anne M. Belson-Hevner, Joyful Garden
Dixon Bergman, Metallic Butterfly
Dixon Bergman, Butterfly #6
Heather Blume, Goya's Owl
Rick Branscomb, Katies
Inna Bruter, Dreaming of You
Helen Bryant, Bristle Cone
Mikael Carstanjen, Migration
Mikael Carstanjen, Catboat Kathleen
Elaine Cohen, View of Diamond Head (1)
Elaine Cohen, View of Diamond Head (2)
Lee Connolly-Weill, Drypoint
Lee Connolly-Weill, Gridscape #3
Mary Doering, They Keep Trying to Bury Us - Forgetting We are Seeds
Tony Donovan, "St. Paul's Church, Le Marais"
Barbara Ford Doyle, Green Pear
Barbara Ford Doyle, Gold Pear
Barbara Ford Doyle, Pole Beans
Bob Enos, Black Makes White Work
Bob Enos, "On My Way, Somewhere"
Bob Enos, Mabel Pinto's Place (Peddocks Island)
Julie Esteves, Cultural Memory and Change
Joe Fattori, William
Joe Fattori, Alice
Carolyn Ferrell, Approaching Storm
Carolyn Ferrell, Young Boy
Carolyn Ferrell, Self Portrait 2017
Joyce Frederick, Black and White and Red All Over
Alice Nicholson Galick, Water Flowers
Cynthia Goldberg, Dream of Happiness
Leslie Goldman, Softly in the Deep Grass
Terry Goulart, One Lick or Two
Susan Gustin, Teenage Angst
Jacqui Hawk, All That Jazz I and II
Amy Jasperson, Girl Transformed
Amy Jasperson, Pink Perennials
Amy Jasperson, Open Wound
Nadine Krasnow, "Louis' Dream, Sao Miguel"
Carl Lopes, Incognito
Neil Maciejewski, Etch-a-Sketchy
Claire Marcus, B/W Vase
Claire Marcus, Red
Claire Marcus, Prep for Lesson #2
Susan O'Brien McLean, The Cellists
Nancy Minnigerode, Crow Dance
Nancy Minnigerode, Volume I
Mellissa Morris, Plant and Metal Alchemy Mandala
Richard Neal, Plan B
Richard Neal, Paperwork Pending
Jessie Nicherson, Poison
Jessie Nicherson, Wolves & Water
Maureen O'Sullivan, Marathon Moon
Susan Overstreet, The Fiddler
Suzanne M. Packer, Blue & Gold
Karen M. Pinard, Marsh Walk I & II Ditptych
Karen M. Pinard, Evening View I & II Diptych
Maxene Raymond, Chillin'
Peggy Richard, New Beginnnings
Mary Richmond, Arlo
Mary Richmond, Contemplation
Jillian Robertson, 1/2 Off
Crissey Safford, Here's Looking at You
Crissey Safford, Misfits
Vittoria Sault, Three Poses
Vittoria Sault, Four Quick Poses
Mimi Schlichter, "Brussel Sprouts, Quilted Northern, and Cherries"
Bob Singer, Secrets
Claudia Smith-Jacobs, Forgotten Voyages
Claudia Smith-Jacobs, Dance Is
Cathy Staples, Art Box
Muriel Thomas, Sketchy Spot & Sketchy App
Alan Trugman, Untitled #2
Alan Trugman, Untitled #1
Jean Tucker, Iced Cubes
Gary Urgonski, Parable of the Sawtooth Hanger
Bernadette C. Waystack, When Juliet Painted Rocks
Libby White, A Sketchy Situation
Steve Zafarana, Lisah
Steve Zafarana, Monah