IMG 4621 Mellissa Morris

Acrylic Abstracts from Life

Using acrylic paint, color mixing, and techniques, students will learn how to observe and abstract shapes and color from still life set ups. A series of prompts, exercises, and demonstrations will guide students in developing keen observation skills that will allow for invention and creativity in making Abstract paintings and drawings.


Set of Acrylic paint
Titanium white, Ultramarine blue, cad red medium, cad red light, lemon yellow or primary yellow, alizarin crimson, magenta, burnt sienna, ivory black or mars black or paynes grey, Variety of small and large brushes, palette knife, palette paper, 24"x18" Bristol Board Paper pack of 20, paper towels, tape, container for water.

About the Instructor

Mellissa Morris is currently the artist in residence for the town of Barnstable, she lives and works in a creative Art Space open to the public year-round. Mellissa has shown her work throughout Cape Cod and new England. Mellissa has been teaching Abstract Painting and drawing courses for over ten years. She holds a master’s degree in fine arts Painting, and is a certified practitioner in Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation, and energy Reiki Healing. Born and raised on Cape Cod Mass, Mellissa is the eldest daughter of seven children, Mother of her only daughter Lilly and her two cats, Nido and Leo. More about Mellissa and her work can be found at

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