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All in the Family: an Online Juried Exhibition

  • Aug 14-Oct 2

August 14-October 2, 2021


We are delighted to announce the names of artists and titles of their works accepted into our 2021 All in the Family digital exhibit. Our Curatorial Committee loved reviewing all the entries and various interpretations of “family.” The selected works represent a wide variety of mediums and interpretations, making this an exquisite exhibit you don’t want to miss! Congratulations to all those selected, especially those selected for our First Prize, Jurors’ Choice, and Honorable Mention. And thank you to everyone who submitted. We are all keeping the arts alive together! This exhibit is viewable online and displayed on monitors in the galleries.

Elisabeth Aggarwal, My Mum

Susan M. Andrews, Balancing Act

Linda Armstrong, Fourth of July

Linda Armstrong, Spectators

Adele Aronson, Party Digital

Adele Aronson, Orphanage Family Kids at the Dune

Lisa G. Bailey, Siblings

Irene Brandtner de Martinez, Uncle and Niece 1970s

Irene Brandtner de Martinez, Grandmother 1920s

Irene Brandtner de Martinez, Boy and Dog 1990s

Amy Broderick, Mate

Amy Broderick, Orchard for a Dome

David Bueschel, JOY

J White Burton, Family Reunion

Richard Caudle, Time *Honorable Mention

Evan Charney, Madonna & Child – *Honorable Mention

Mary Conrad, Martha and Mary

Charles Crabb, Time Together

Charles Crabb, Bris Celebration

Charles Crabb, Family and Friends

Steve Edelstein, Breakfast on Pinckney Island

Sofia Fernandez-Garcia, Doña Elva

Sofia Fernandez-Garcia, Nopal

Carolyn Ferrell, First day of camp, how can I leave him?

Floyd Frazier, Young Lovers

Elinor Freedman, A Search for Meaning

Elinor Freedman, Nesting

Rose Freeland, Carry *Honorable Mention

Rose Freeland, Midnight Madonna

Ana Gadish-Linares, Winter Solace

Ana Gadish-Linares, La Abuela Oracle Card

Ana Gadish-Linares, Fields of Linseed *First Prize

Ana Gadish-Linares, The Economist

April Gavin, Scout

Paul Michael Glaser, Eternal Circle

Lindsey Morrison Grant, Sister Friends

Lindsey Morrison Grant, One Good Turn

Lindsey Morrison Grant, BLM

Lindsey Morrison Grant, I’ve Always Depended on The Kindness of Strangers

Sharon Harper, three hearts

Sharon Harper, two down

Richard Heiens, Brother and Sister playing on the beach

Drew Hires, Smiths Floating

Angie Huffman, Chill Vibes

Angie Huffman, Grandpa

Robert Jinkins, Portrait of the Artist and his Mother

Ken Kochakji, Dear ones

Anne Koerber, Family Totem

Aaron Krone, Hopes and Dreams

Karen LaFleur, Relations

Karen LaFleur, Catherine and Ruth


Anna McGuire, What My Mother Gave Me

Lisa McLaughlin, Gentle Giants - a gathering

Gaylyn Mercer, Silly Sand, Pisa, Italy

Naomi Meyer, Unconditional Love *Jurors' Choice Award

Jelisa Peterson, Heads in the Sand

Jelisa Peterson, The Embrace

Heather Pillar, Tender Kiss

Lisa Pincus, Sisters

Lisa Pincus, Brothers

Lisa Pincus, Twins

Natalie Pivoney, Stanley’s Signature

Lilly Ramphal Naley, The Walk Home

Lilly Ramphal Naley, The Conversation

Lilly Ramphal Naley, The Other Conversation

Sarah Rieser, 1988, The Hottest Summer That’s Barely Remembered

Katya Rosenzweig, The village

Linn Saffer, Family Portrait

Sandro Sebastian, Campsite

Marlow Shami, Homeland 1

Rick Sharp, Lobsta Race

Rick Sharp, Sagamore Kids

Brad Silk, Joshua

Amrita Singhal, People of the Indus Valley Civilization or My Family on a Picnic *Jurors' Choice Award

Amrita Singhal, Greta’s Journey

Stacy Slaten, Nesting #18

Len Swec, Dorothy Rose, 01.19

Elaine Taylor, Cece and Maggie on a Hike

Elaine Taylor, Allison and Juniper

Betty Usdan-Zwickler, Divided Loyalties

Betty Usdan-Zwickler, Why?

Morrie Warshawski, John’s the Tailor