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Black and White: Launch Point

What do we think about when we hear the words Black and White? For years, contemporary artists have explored both the literal and figurative ideas expressed in the term “black and white."

We propose a contextual exhibition exploring the various ideas of black and white related to our lives and living spaces. We envision a gallery that looks and feels like you are walking in to an artist’s studio, or a collector's home. We hope to create a space that uses artisan created furniture, utilitarian objects, art objects, and lighting to set a stage that highlights each artist’s reference to the idea of Black and White.

We have a carefully curated group of artists representing both 2 dimensional and fine craft media. Sarah Caruso, ceramicist, Andreas Kuehn, photographer, Neil Grant, sculptor, Arthur Levi Rainville, photographer, Jacqueline Reeves, painter, Matthew Bielen, painter, Seth Rainville, ceramicist, Yukimi Matsumoto, glass blower, Barbara Willis, fiber artist, Catherine Pritchett, fiber artist, and Kenneth Wadoski, fine furniture maker, Steve Swain, metalsmith, who will create the “bones” of the space. This eclectic group of artists come from culturally diverse artistic and educational backgrounds and each brings to the space their approach to the concept of “black and white."

- Sarah Caruso

October 12-November 16, 2019
Free Admission!

Opening Reception October 12, 5:00pm-7:00pm
Artist Talk at 5:20pm