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Black Art Matters

  • Feb 18, 2022 @ 7:30pm

Written by Robin Joyce Miller

James Walter Miller and Robin Joyce Miller

The Black Lives Matter Series, hosted by artists, poets, educators, and ardent Center members James Walter Miller and Robin Joyce Miller, kicked off in August 2020 with a presentation of “Restoring My African Soul,” a multi-media performance addressing an artist’s struggle from black shame to African American pride through art and poetry. Past subjects included slavery, the Civil Rights movement, and racial harmony.

The Millers explore new topics in each event with the goal of engaging the local community in conversations and cultural experiences surrounding the specific challenges of racial diversity and inclusion on the Cape.

The February 18th presentation will be Black Art Matters: Master Artists Tell Our Story.

Friday, February 18, 2022
Tickets are $25
, $20 for Members, $23 for seniors/veterans

“This series is done with love and respect for a culture and people who have been devalued throughout the world. We do this work to honor our heritage and enlighten people, as even we learn from each project. Our hope is that viewers will attain new information and expand their perspectives on the lives of all people. In truth, we are one race - The Human Race.”

Robin Miller
Charles Whites The Contribution of the Negro to Democracy in America

Image: Charles White’s mural "The Contribution of the Negro to Democracy in America"