Bonsai root over rock

Bonsai 103, Spring 2020

Bonsai beginners and advanced beginners! Sharpen your developing Bonsai skills with co-instructors TJ Seguin and David Margaretos. You'll start with an in-depth review of the basics and move on to an exciting exploration of more advanced approaches. This 5-week course will cover working with both evergreen and deciduous trees. Repotting techniques will be taught on the evergreen, and styling techniques on the deciduous varieties. This approach should provide the highest rate of viability and will expose students to two fascinating sides of the art of Bonsai.

All plants, pots, tools, and materials are provided. A $50 materials fee is due to the instructors at the first class.

Limit 8 students.

Thomas J. Seguin is a Cape-based sculptor, Bonsai enthusiast, and retired engineer.
Questions? Contact him at

David Margaretos began his interest in bonsai in the 1980’s and has been a bonsai enthusiast for over 30 years. He has worked as an apprentice to Hitoshi Kanegae, co-founder of the New England Bonsai Nursery, and now tends to his collection of 35 trees, mostly conifers. David was also a professional photographer and has taught many photography courses from community education to the collegiate level. He retired to Cape Cod in 2016 and currently resides in Falmouth.