Camp Shakespeare Scenes Stories

Camp Shakespeare: Scenes & Stories!

A fun and rollicking 2-week class that culminates in a one-hour junior production featuring the Bard's most famous comic scenes! Taught by veteran Shakespeare director and educator Ed O'Toole, class participants will study and rehearse the text the same way Shakespeare's own actors would have, allowing them to unpack the language to explore plot and motive. At the end of the two weeks, family and friends are invited to the show. Produced, directed, and acted by the students!

Students will have a ball discovering the Bard, while gaining an appreciation of his characters and stories, along with an understanding of his timeless insight into the way people of all ages behave. They'll learn hands-on how the power of Shakespeare's language and his skills as writer, actor, and director combined to create such memorable stories. Class is limited to 20 students — sign up now!