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Cecelia Chapman: Selected Video 2008-2019

  • May 9 — Jun 19, 2021

Fables enable us to digest complex truths to better understand them. These short, new media videos are contemporary fables. They examine the power struggles, personal fantasies, and social problems of characters in an uncertain world and complex media landscape.

Cecelia Chapman works with friends, and sound and visual artists that she connects with online all over the world. The videos were filmed and produced in California and Massachusetts.

On View in the Upper Gallery Screening Space
May 9 - June 19, 2021

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About the Artist

California-born, Massachusetts-based artist Cecelia Chapman (b. 1949) works in video, essay, storytelling, and works on paper. She merges the documentary and experimental. Her video has been shown in Stockholm Studio44 Film Festival 2019, Magmart film festival 10 & 11, Berlin Mitte Media Festival 2018, Hamburg Primal Uproar III 2018, London’s DotsWaves TV 2016-2018, and online sites, several that consistently show her work, Interalia Magazine, Compostxt, UnlikelyStories, Utsanga, Otoliths, Houston Literary Review, Moving Poems, PulpMetal, New Post Literate. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design NY, graphic design.

Chapman engages the poetics of image, narrative and knowledge through video and works on paper. Her graphic design training roots her practice in the examination of power propaganda in media communications. Chapman’s work emerges from a deep curiosity regarding the fluid connection between inner and outer knowledge, perception and consciousness.


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