Chalkboard Art Review

Chalkboard Art Review, Fall 2019

Registration Closed

CCftA is offering a unique off-campus workshop for artists seeking a critical review of finished artwork or works in progress. These constructive and comprehensive sessions will take place at Chalkboard Studios, a professional art studio complex located in Barnstable Village, led by Chalkboard founders Jackie Reeves and Richard Neal.

Each session will provide the opportunity for lively and productive conversation about the fundamentals of art and design, along with discussion of contemporary trends and the history of art. Participants will benefit from hearing reviews of their own work and also from discussion about the work of other artists present. The Chalkboard Studio building is home to an extensive art library which will be utilized along with online sources to help contextualize the individual artworks being discussed.

The first session will introduce all the artists and will begin the discussions about their work. In subsequent sessions, participants can bring new works, or work that has evolved since the session before for further review. Specific processes and materials will be discussed, but the emphasis will be on creating strong, compelling images and finding success at communicating the individual artists' subject matter.

This will be a small group limited to just 8 people, in a relaxed environment where people can bring food and refreshments to enjoy together. Participating artists should bring 2-6 works per session to discuss.