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COMMUNITY ART PROJECT: The Connected Together Apart Mural II

  • May 8 — Aug 31, 2020

Cotuit Center for the Arts is welcoming the public to contribute to a second exterior mural at the art center, designed and painted by local artist Jackie Reeves and installed on our property by our uber-volunteer Bill Farrell. All are welcome to come to the Center, located at 4404 Rte 28 in Cotuit, to paint into the mural. It's a BYOB&P (Bring your own brushes and paint) project aimed at keeping us connected while staying apart during this pandemic. The mural is located on the Center’s grounds near the Black Box theater building. Once completed this mini mural will be installed on site and serve as a memorial to this unique time in our history. Come leave your creative mark!

There are only a few rules:

  1. You must social distance so come alone or with the people you have been in quarantine with (If someone else is painting when you arrive please wait until they finish and leave, or come back at another time).
  2. Bring your own water based paints: Bright colors like, blue, orange, pink, yellow, green..., Acrylic tube paints and house paints are good. Remember this is an exterior mural so your paint must withstand the rain. Also bring brushes, water and rags.
  3. Paint as you wish, with respect, and let's see what creativity blooms this spring. Sign your name clearly on the back so we can record who was there.
  4. Clean up when done and be sure not to leave anything at the site
  5. Take pictures and post on FB and Instagram: tag @cotuitcenterforthearts, send an email to David Kuehn ( telling him when and who was there so we can document the progress.
  6. Have FUN!

Check out a time-lapse video of the first Connected Together Apart Mural below!

Special thanks to Jackie Reeves and Bill Farrell.