Printmaking Rollers

Drawing and Painting Into Printmaking with Ann Giuliani

Designed for anyone from the novice to the skilled print maker, this course with artist Ann Giuliani will center on transferring drawing and painting skills into monotypes and collagraphic monoprints. The course is geared toward the individual, and Ann will start at your level according to your skills and interests. Bring your thoughts and ideas to the first session and let Ann guide you through your journey into printmaking. You will learn how to prepare plates and mix colors, as well as a number of printing techniques. Time will be given for several demonstrations as well as your own experimentation. Ann will provide inks, solvents, brayers, and rollers, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have them. The first two classes will be held at the Center, and the last four will be held at Ann's own studio in Dennis - featuring a 2000-pound American French Tool intaglio press! There is a sheer joy in experimentation and mark-making when ink comes in contact with paper under the pressure of a press. IT’S ALWAYS A SURPRISE!

Limited to only 6 students
, so register now!


Apron and throw away plastic or latex gloves
Cotton rags (from a cotton t-shirt is perfect)
A palette (about 9”x 12”)
2 Plexiglas panels (at least 9”x 12”)

Papers and lithography plates may be purchased directly from Ann.

Art reflects my environment and also a certain state of mind, which changes with time itself. I draw directly on paper, canvas, or plate with any tools at my disposal. The creative part of image-making comes out of the experience; blurring lines between drawing, painting, or printmaking. The final image invites contemplation and spurs me toward more imagery. The experimentation inherent in printmaking often leads me towards abstraction.

Read more about Ann on her website.

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