Mushrooms Jackie

Drawing from Life with Jackie Reeves

Explore drawing techniques every Thursday with artist and Chalkboard Studio co-founder, Jackie Reeves. Hone your skills with line, form, and composition inspired by new subject matter each week in a relaxed and fun 2.5-hour class. There will be lessons on the use of a variety of drawing pencils and charcoals. Guided exercises will cover basics such as perspective, contour line, shading and even some expressive drawing techniques. Most of all, this is a place to practice and get lost in the joy of drawing!

Artists of all skills welcome.

Pencils, charcoal, easels, masonite boards with clips, 18x24 drawing paper and newsprint are provided.

Please bring the following:

  • Erasers: 1 kneaded, 1 vinyl
  • Chamois (soft suede like material for blending)
  • Blending stump / tortillon
  • Sharpener

Our classes and workshops are open to students of all abilities and needs. We are currently unable to provide one-on-one instruction, though we will make every attempt to address accommodations for full and successful engagement whenever possible. If a student requires individual supports, parent/guardian/PCA/teacher/ABA Therapists/etc are welcome to attend. Please contact Christine Ernst, Director of Education, for more information at