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Edith Vonnegut: Undaunted

  • Jun 17 — Jul 23, 2023

Edith Vonnegut has exhibited in galleries across the United States, wrote and illustrated the book Domestic Goddesses. She was a Contributing Illustrator to The Franklin Mint Press and a Contributing illustrator to The New York Times Op Ed page.

More information about the artist can be found at at edithvonnegut.com.


My aim is to make a painting as beautiful as a Botticelli's Birth of Venus. but with single use plastic bottles at her feet instead of flowers. One of my aims in painting is to portray women in heroic terms because I think we have been portrayed incorrectly from biblical times on. The paintings of the Renaissance, as beautiful as they were, displayed women as ornamental accessories, often naked, while the main story of the painting was of men getting glorified in battle and being generally important. I thought “Hey, we are as vigorous and decisive and heroic as they are.” So I set about portraying women with all the over the top grandeur that men got to get themselves painted as. Essentially, I am here to herald the unheralded. The women, mothers, housewives, essential workers. I wish to celebrate the ones who never get any recognition or honors for the daily relentless work they do.

I'm also working on some politically charged paintings, regarding the spoiling of our planet. I am essentially an illustrator telling stories and proud of it.

My first and continued love is for the paintings of the Italian Renaissance. I wish to drag the techniques of the Renaissance masters into the 21st century with a female trajectory. My heroes are: da Vinci, Titian, & Raphael, with a sprinkling of Velasquez, Norman Rockwell, and Beatrix Potter.

On View June 17 - July 23, 2023
Opening Reception Saturday, June 17

Edith Vonnegut Undaunted Web copy