Evolution Image

Evolution: An Open Juried Exhibition

“Evolution” will run September 8 – October 6. During this exhibition period “We Carry the Fire,” a joint exhibition by artists and spouses Frances Johnson and Kevin King will be featured and the artists will also serve as jurors. The opening reception and artist talk will be held from 5-7pm on Saturday, September 8.

Accepted Submissions

Hiram Ball, Penelope
Dixon Bergman, NEW 2 Faced Guitar Plays Right or Left Handed
Christine Brothers, Common Ancestry: Land, Green, and Marine Iguanas
Sarah Caruso, Growth
Milo Caruso, Irises
Lee Connolly-Weill, Deviant Trapezoid
Lee Connolly-Weill, Life Cycles 1
Lee Connolly-Weill, Contained Energy
Betsy Payne Cook, Keep Searching
Stanley Cronig, I Was Once a Caterpillar
Joe Fattori, NO
Abby Fay-Smith, Follow the Leader
Rebecca Fellows, Incoming Tide
Rebecca Fellows, Solidarity
Rebecca Fellows, Conception
Cailyn Ferguson, Sacred Lotus
Alice N. Galick, Ocean Fossils and Currents
Carolyn Frances Gassmann, Hertha
Neil Grant, Political Animal
Joyce Groemmer, Time
Ann King, Into the Horizon
Dave Lance, Darwin's Robot
Jane Lincoln, Tellunic Turquoise
Carl Lopes, Generations
Louise Luckenbill, Evolution of a Life
Susan O'Brien McLean, When Life Gives You Lemons…
Andrea Moore Early Summer, Late Summer
Margaret Nowak, Process of Transformation
Chris O'Dell-Ferguson, She Has Wings
Chris O'Dell-Ferguson, Ascension
Mary Richmond, Form Follows Function
Paul D.Schmid, Piney Rd.
T.J. Seguin, Vegan……Why?
Susan Simon, Redwing Nest Build
Lyn Slade, Come to the Dance
Claudia Smith-Jacobs, Scrabb-o-lution
Muriel Thomas, Butterflies Before Flowers (Fossils Reveal)
Janet Thornton, Evolution/Dark Ages/Middle Ages/Enlightenment
Janet Thornton, Energy to Existence
Muriel Tice, Memories
Pam Abrams Warnick, The Family Tree
Frank Winters, I Am the Change, Flagstaff