Exploring Black and White with Ink, Pen, Nib and Brush

Looking for a way to combine drawing and painting? Line work and brush work? Bring your old nib pens, new permanent ink gel pens, brushes and your favorite black ink to this class. We will work from still life and natural objects to create fun and dynamic art using just black and white. Work large or small, realistic or abstract, your choice. Bring your favorite papers, canvas boards or illustration board to experiment with.

Expand your knowledge of ink techniques using various tools, including some we’ll make ourselves. Ink serves the traditionalist, the realist and the abstract artist in all sorts of ways. Come discover your own hidden talents in a fun, supportive environment. Not all things in the world are just black and white so there may be some shades of gray involved.

All you need to start is a black ink pen and paper. If you have them, bring some old-fashioned nibs and pen, some old brushes and a jar of India ink. You may want to wear old clothes or bring a smock. We will talk about other materials you may wish to use in the first class. Some materials will be available for use in the classroom.

Mary Richmond grew up on Cape Cod and has drawn and painted her way through life. Watercolor is her preferred medium. Today her work can be found on her website or in the many illustrations she does for various publications. She has taught watercolor for many years and loves helping her students make creative breakthroughs in their work. Her teaching style is casual and encouraging.

Our classes and workshops are open to students of all abilities and needs. We are currently unable to provide one-on-one instruction, though we will make every attempt to address accommodations for full and successful engagement whenever possible.
If a student requires individual supports, parent/guardian/PCA/teacher/ABA Therapists/etc are welcome to attend.
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