Grease Web5


  • Feb 17 — Mar 5, 2023

Added performance Thursday, March 2 at 7:30 pm!

One of the world's most popular musicals will be presented on our main stage, featuring a cast of Cotuit's favorite actors of a certain (definitely not high school!) age.

Sandy Dumbrowski, the new girl in town, and Danny Zuko, the school’s coolest greaser, have a secret summertime romance - but when they get back to school, everything is different. Sandy attempts to navigate the tricky Rydell High School social waters and catch Danny’s attention again, but Danny is chiefly concerned with maintaining his tough-guy reputation. In the end, the Pink Ladies help Sandy figure out how to win back the leader of the T-Birds.

Written by by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey.
Directed by Holly Hansen. Music Direction by Pam Wannie.


Kathleen Larson Day - Miss Lynch
Jane Loutzenhiser - Patty Simcox
Eric Johnson - Eugene Florczyk
Martha Paquin - Jan
Bonnie Thorpe - Marty
Sara Bleything - Betty Rizzo
Randy Doyle - Doody
Pete Steedman - Roger
Brett Baird - Kenickie
Alex Valentine - Sonny Latierri
Lynne Johnson - Frenchy
Rebecca Riley - Sandy Dumbrowski
Beau Jackett - Danny Zuko
David Kuehn - Vince Fontaine
Meg Morris - Cha-Cha Digregorio

February 17-March 5
Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2:00pm

Added performance Thursday, March 2 at 7:30 pm!

Tickets $35, $30 for members, $33 for seniors


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