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Hope for the Holidays: the 1962 Special from Nowhere, U.S.A.

“Hope for the Holidays” is a brilliantly funny satire of the holiday season. Only a real-life Scrooge could resist it.

Cape Cod Times

Before the ‘60s were hip, they were square! Join television hostess Hope Henderson and her musical sidekicks for their 1962 holiday special! Meet Hope’s tv family and special guest stars as they bring holiday cheer and ring in the new year.

ANNOUNCING OUR CAST~What a wintry mix!
Jo Brisbane as Hope Henderson
Malcolm Granger as Mister Tinsel
Jay Stewart as Sad Santa & Binaca the Bartender
Ashley LaCroix as Candy
Jane Loutzenhiser as Taffy
Elin Hirsch as Vance
Cleo Zani as Aloysius
TC Crutchfield as Mister Mockwell
Karen Berg McPherson as Suzy Snowflake
And introducing Bongo Boy

In the Black Box Theater
December 6-30
Thurs-Sat at 7:30pm, Sun at 2:00pm
(No show Thursday, December 27)
Tickets $20, $15 for members

1 Hope Group

Front Row, L to R: Tom Crutchfield, Cleo Zani.
Back Row, L to R: Elin Hersch, Ashley LaCroix, Jo Brisbane, Jane Loutzenhiser, Jay Stewart

photos by Tristan DiVincenzo

Special Guest Stars!

December 6 OPENING NIGHT Larry Marsland
December 7 David Kuehn
December 8 Larry Marsland
December 9 Oriana Camish & Steve Ross (matinee, 2 pm)
December 13 Celeste Howe
December 14 Celeste Howe
December 15 Anthony Teixeira
December 16 Anthony Teixeira (matinee, 2 pm)
December 20 Tedi Marsh & David Kuehn
December 21 Stephen Colella
December 22 Ruth Condon Price (also appearing in our unofficial 2 pm matinee)
December 23 Art, Allie, Maddie, Laura Brisbane (matinee, 2 pm)
December 28 Jon Cornet and Amanda Wing
December 29 Rebecca Riley and Laura Shea
December 30 Jon Cornet and Amanda Wing (matinee, 2 pm)