Silicone mold

Learn to Make Silicone Molds

Mold-making allows you to create multiple copies of a three-dimensional work of art or any other object. As an artist it opens up the world of limited editions. Suddenly you can make a sculpture and reproduce it many times in plaster, resin, or even bronze. If you’re a prop-maker, mold-making allows you to make multiple realistic copies of objects for the stage. This 4-day workshop will give you the hands-on experience of creating a silicone mold and making your first cast from it in plaster.

Instructor Neil Grant will lead you through the step by step process of brushing layers of silicone onto a reference piece, creating a cut seam, making a mother mold and casting the piece in plaster. At the end of the workshop you’ll have learned a number of key mold-making skills:

  • How to estimate the materials needed
  • How to design a basic mold with a single cut seam
  • How to apply brushable silicone and deal with difficult areas using a thickening agent
  • How to create a two-part mother mold
  • How to prepare your mold for casting
  • How to cast in plaster

Alternative mold-making and casting techniques will also be discussed so that the student gains a broad awareness of options.

July 1 & 2 – 9am to 4pm
July 3 & 5 – 9am to 12pm

There is a $50 materials fee payable directly to Neil on the first day of the workshop.
Please bring a brown-bag lunch on July 1 & 2.

Neil Grant is an English representational sculptor who makes fine art through a slightly different lens. The winner of the 2018 Newby Patrons Award at the National Sculpture Society’s Annual Awards Exhibition, he combines technical skill with storytelling and humor.
Neil lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where he sculpts out of his studio and is part of the teaching faculty at Cotuit Center for the Arts.
More details about Neil and his work can be found at

Our classes and workshops are open to students of all abilities and needs. We are currently unable to provide one-on-one instruction, though we will make every attempt to address accommodations for full and successful engagement whenever possible.
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