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Lip Sync Palooza!

  • Oct 26, 2022 @ 7:00pm



Wednesday, October 26 7:00pm
$20 General Admission
$10 Performers

The art of miming a vocal performance has risen from the ashes of lip-sync scandals like Milli Vanilli to a bonafide art form. Lip-Syncing competitions are sweeping streaming services and social media and now it’s your turn to show Cotuit audiences just how it’s done. Or at least how you do it.

For our inaugural LipSyncPalooza event you may sign up as a performer or buy a ticket to watch the fun as a member of the audience. All attendees will be voting live at the event.

50% of the ticket sales will be devoted to cash prizes. (30% of proceeds to 1st place, 20
% to second place).

Performers may sign up as individuals or as groups (for groups each member of the group must register)


  • $10 per person entry fee
  • One song per solo or group (length of song 2.5 - 3.5 minutes)
  • Deadline for sign-up: October 19
  • Grab some friends and have a ball!

Here are some examples of lip-sync battle performances to get you motivated!