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Lisa Goren: Dreams of the Farthest Reaches

  • March 27–May 1

The frozen parts of our planet are beautiful, awesome, and threatened. For the past 20 years, Lisa Goren has been creating paintings of the ice in Antarctica, Iceland, Alaska, and the High Arctic (near the North Pole). In addition, she has found inspiration in ice that occurs in New England during the coldest part of our winters. Painting exclusively with watercolors, she uses deep colors and even unusual sizes (up to 5ft square) to bring a sense of grandeur to these paintings. Her works create questions about the nature of abstraction and our planet as many of her pieces are representations of unfamiliar, threatened terrains. Come explore the Farthest Reaches of our planet from Cape Cod.

Lisa’s work can be found in personal collections all over the world, from Australia to Iceland, and the United States. She was awarded a place on the 2013 voyage of The Arctic Circle, an artist residency sailing near the North Pole. This “trip of a lifetime” was chronicled in an article she wrote for the New York Times. Lisa has been working out of Boston, Massachusetts for the past 25 years and is a board member of the National Association of Women Artists (Mass. Chapter). She was named Artist-in-Residence for the South Shore Art Association, 2016-2018.

Free admission!

Exhibit on view March 27–May 1, 2021


Glacier in Motion wall size