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Lisa Jason: Bullied to Beautiful

Bullied to Beautiful is just one story, out of so many that are still happening worldwide. Lisa grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, and was bullied relentlessly, until she left her small town at the age of seventeen and moved to New York City. But she did have some friends, little pieces of black vinyl called, 45’s which she would listen for hours to in her room to escape the hurt outside. These records were her savior and helped her cope as she navigated feelings of shame, humiliation, frustration and loneliness. These days, bullying has become even more of an epidemic with the new advances in technology and social media. Lisa’s bullying occurred in the seventies, before all of these innovations, but it didn’t make it any less painful and harrowing. Her story is painted by a musical backdrop of songs from the nineteen seventies and original songs written by Jason. These arrangements are written by Musical Director and Maestro, Ryan Shirar, and carry this story with love, intensity and humor. This is a journey through childhood and back, not many of us would take again, but it creates memories, uplifts, inspires and creates a bond with the audience, as we talk about a subject that is still very real in our world. The point of this show is to celebrate all of us we paint our with our own colors in the world around us, because we are all, beautiful.

"Your show was amazing!! You’re funny, incredibly engaging and then all of a sudden you sing a ballad and wring all the emotion out of every note (and out of your audience). I really can’t say enough about your rendition of “You Won’t be Breaking My Heart.”... each time you sang a verse, a line, a note you conveyed the emotion/heartbreak of the song. Thank you so much. It is such a thrill to hear someone of your caliber bring a song I’ve written to life!"

Harriet Goldberg, jazz/cabaret songwriter

Tuesday, August 28 at 7:30pm
Tickets $32, $27 for balcony seats
$5 discount for members. $2 discount for seniors