Make 'Em Laugh

All aboard, you comics, character actors, clowns, and creators! Are you the kind of person that LOVES to make others smile and laugh? Did you know that there are actually tried and true methods of closing the gap between an audience’s polite chortle and their HOWL of laughter? In this workshop, we will bravely explore various styles and tricks of what makes comedic acting and writing tick. From slapstick to satire, stand-up to improv, farce to clowning, pre-written sketches to your very own sense of humor, we will hilariously hone your knack for sending them rolling in the aisles. All levels warmly welcomed.

For ages 9-16!

About the Instructor

Genevieve Breitbach is thrilled to bring her expansive love of theatre and FUN to the CCfTA for the very first time! A recent Midwestern expat, she has previously enjoyed teaching theater with the Lake Country Playhouse Academy (Hartland, WI) and Hope Academy (Decatur, IL). Her license to “thrill” - a BFA in Acting from Millikin University - has given her a strong variety of skills to help bring creative awareness and lively learning through theatrical collaboration. You may spy her frolicking about Messina in CCfTA’s Much Ado About Nothing, as well! She enthusiastically looks forward to helping you enhance your natural theatricality this summer!

Our classes and workshops are open to students of all abilities and needs. We are currently unable to provide one-on-one instruction, though we will make every attempt to address accommodations for full and successful engagement whenever possible.
If a student requires individual supports, parent/guardian/PCA/teacher/ABA Therapists/etc are welcome to attend.
Please contact Christine Ernst, Director of Education, for more information at