Meditation mindfulness

Relax and Restore: Meditation and Mindfulness, Winter 2020

This course is to give class members tools to slow down racing thoughts, deeply relax and settle the mind and body. In each class, we will explore various meditation techniques which will guide us towards leading a more mindful life. To be mindful is to focus on the present moment, to be able to calmly accept feelings, thoughts and body sensations. Each time we bring ourselves back to the present moment, we can let go of the racing "monkey mind," which takes us away from the present by worrying about the past or trying to manage the future!

Each class will include several guided meditations, with the opportunity to share experiences or ask questions. The class will last an hour.

About the Instructor

Marcy Breier is not only a highly motivated fitness instructor with decades of experience teaching group movement and exercise, but a lifelong student of Anam Thubten, a monk from Eastern Tibet and author/founder of the Dharmata Foundation. Her background includes over 15 years of meditation practice utilizing the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Les Fehmi, PhD. Marcy is currently studying with the founders of Wonderwell Refuge, continuing to build her expertise by studying meditation, awareness and many other teachings in the Dzochen tradition.

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