Sculpting Hands

Sculpting the Long Pose with Neil

This workshop is designed for sculptors who want to work with a long pose figure but is also suitable for those who want to draw/paint a figure over several days. Aimed at those with art experience, you’ll be able to work with a model posed over a 2 ½ day session. Sculptor instructor Neil Grant will be available to provide guidance and critique on figure sculpting, general anatomy and proportions, but you’ll be able to work at your own pace with the pose.

Sculpture stands, sculpting tools and easels will be available, and clay will be available for purchase during the class at $30 per bag including firing.

‘This is a great opportunity to create with a model over a multi-day pose, allowing the artist to focus but work at their own pace. You can draw, paint, sculpt or all three! You don’t see many of these long form poses on the Cape, so take advantage of it while it’s available,’ says Neil.