Sculpting The Torso

Sculpting the Torso 3-Day Workshop

If you’ve ever wanted to make realistic people in clay, this three-day workshop is your gateway to figure sculpting! Designed for the beginner and those with only limited experience in clay, this workshop will take you through the basics of sculpting a torso in the course of a weekend. Taught by instructor, Neil Grant, you’ll learn how to understand the relationship between the pelvis and the rib-cage and then go on to create a sculpture by copying a reference piece.

“We’ve designed this workshop as a beginner-level introduction to figure sculpting. You don’t have to be an expert in anatomy to start your journey,” says Neil. “We’ll use simple but proven techniques to create a well-proportioned torso. The class atmosphere is relaxed and fun, but at the same time you’ll be learning solid techniques (and even some things about your body that you didn’t know!) that you can take away with you.”

All materials are provided but students are welcome to bring their own tools if they have them. The $30 material fee includes use of sculpting tools, clay, stands and firing of the final piece.

Neil Grant is an English representational sculptor who makes fine art through a slightly different lens. The winner of the 2018 Newby Patrons Award at the National Sculpture Society’s Annual Awards Exhibition, he combines technical skill with storytelling and humor.

Neil lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where he sculpts out of his studio and is part of the teaching faculty at Cotuit Center for the Arts.

“Sculpture is how I put my thoughts out into the world, and so I try to make sure that they are ideas worth sharing,” says Neil. “All sculptures have an origin story, and mine normally begin with questions such as, ‘I wonder if anyone has ever attempted that in clay before?’ or ‘It’s probably not what you’d call classical sculpture, but I wonder if people would like it?’ I love sculpture and any other form of art that fuses skill, emotion, and if it can, a bit of humor. That’s what I aim for in my work."

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