Ren Manuel Sculpt

Sculpture Studio: Grappling with Arms and Legs

This is a rare class. Most sculpture classes are either portrait or full figure ones, but this class focuses on sculpting arms and legs, an essential part of any sculptor’s education. Designed for beginner and intermediate students, you’ll learn the anatomy of the limbs using 3D computer technology before being taught to simplify the arms and legs into planes that are easily transformed into realistic forearms, thighs, and calves. You’ll finish the classes working with a live model, so you’ll get to put your learning into practice.

“We’ve deliberately designed this class to be short, sweet, and very focused,” says instructor, Neil Grant. “Most sculpture classes either focus on the face or cover the generic figure. This class is a rarity and students should really jump on the opportunity to study something so specialized. Even if you are an absolute beginner, this class is going to give you a really good grounding that frankly you won’t find taught anywhere else in the state. Seize the opportunity with both hands (which you’ll be able to make look very realistic).”

Sculpture stands and all materials are provided, but students are welcome to bring their own tools if they have them.

About Neil Grant

Neil Grant is an English sculptor who has recently finished a twenty-year corporate career to dedicate himself to his craft. Neil has been sculpting for the past seven years and has studied under nationally recognized sculptors such as Philippe Faraut and Brian Booth Craig. Neil sculpts and teaches on Cape Cod, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. His other passions are rugby, boxing, and Indian food.

“I love sculpture and any other form of art that fuses skill, emotion, and if it can, a bit of humor. In making the transition from the corporate world to an arts career, I’m moving from doing something that put a lot of bread on the table to sawing the table leg off for firewood, but one day I’ll set the world on fire. I absolutely love doing this”.