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“Serious Fun” runs March 3 – April 20 and will be juried by Salley Mavor, whose exhibition titled “Liberty and Justice: The Sweet to Satirical Art of Salley Mavor” will run concurrently. For over 40 years Salley has created artwork that ranges from precious to poignant to provocative, all stitched by hand. “Creating art is serious business, but it can be fun, too,” says Salley. “Entries for the juried show should be pieces with a playful aspect, either through subject matter or materials and techniques. The artwork can be fun to make or fun to look at and anything from humorous to heartfelt.”

All artists of all abilities are encouraged to submit work. Entry fees are $10 for members and $15 for the general public per entry and all work must be submitted gallery ready. Submission form can be downloaded from the link below.

Art drop off date for “Serious Fun” is: Feb. 25, 10:00am-4:00pm

Serious Fun: An Open Juried Exhibit
March 2 - April 20
Opening Reception March 2
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Artist Talk at 5:20pm

Accepted Works

Lysbeth Abrams, This is a Temporary Facility
Sophia Adelstein, The Climbing Oak
Milo Caruso, Brother Chef
Susan Elizabeth Clark, Post No Bills
Neil (Neil the Artist) Collins, David Buoy
Neil (Neil the Artist) Collins, Plein Air Moon Painting
Lee Connolly-Weill, Nest
Betsy Payne Cook, Solidarity
David Crame, Splash
Robert Dunn, Munchkin, Wizard of Oz Chorus
Karen S. Enos, Akwa
Karen S. Enos, Turqs
Karen S. Enos, Marisol
Lisa Errico, En Pointe
Mary Susan Farmer, Plant Your Seeds…
Joe Fattori, Louis
Joe Fattori, Jimmy
Sally Fine, Avec Francoise Gilot sur la plage
Sally Fine, Wall Warrior, after Leonardo's Warrior
Joseph Finn, Lunch at La Turbie
Alice Galick, Full Gallop
Michael Giaquinto, Untitled Line Study
Alfred Glover, Serious Fun with Leaping Lizards
Terry Goulart, Cow Belle
Terry Goulart, Barnyard Photobomb
Ann Guiliani, Signs & Symbols
Ann Hart, Three's a Crowd
Phyllis Hartley, Toast
Nandini Hawley, Through the Looking Glass
Lisa Hayden, Revitalized
Lisa Hayden, Swing Me Through Your Dream
Frank Hitchens, er….
Robert Holbrook, Toy Blocks' Box
Lisa Horton, Free Floating
Lisa Horton, Picking Up the Pieces
Marilyn Jenney, Oops!
Abigail Jones, A 3D Model of my Childhood Dream Home
Lauren Kalita, Building Masculinity (homework)
Lauren Kalita, Atlantic City
Ruthie Kane, Gimme Five
E. Kevin King, Mister Smith Delivers the Paradise Papers
Mary Kinsley, The Edge of Commitment - Held Together with Blue Painter's Tape and Hope
Karen LaFleur, HA
Abby Lammers, Rubber Duck Decoy
Julie Lariviere, Do I Have Bugs in My Teeth?
Jane Lincoln, The Same Red Looks Different
Carl Lopes, Warrior 2
Miki Lovett, Interlock
Annette MacAdams, Anticipation
Annette MacAdams, Spring Ahead
Lynne Marshall, Gray's Anatomy
Jory Mason, A Good Place to Nap
Richard Neal, Barbie at Fifty
Susan O'Brien McLean, Playing Mozart
Susan O'Brien McLean, Cape Cod Youth Orchestra
Wayne Miller, Ignatz Variations
Nancy Minnigerode, Here's Lookin' at You, Kid
Nancy Minnigerode, Gets My Goat
Andrea Gail Moore, Acanthus Sky
Toni Newhall, Break Out of Your Shell!
Nancy Nicol, Picasso's Cat - Le Chat et le Homard
Nancy Nicol, E Z Rider
Margaret Fair Nowak, The Game of Perspective
Jeanmarie O'Clair, Mixed Medium
Carolyn Patkowski, Shall We Make Lemonade
Joanne Patukonis, Arctic Circle
Kathleen Quinn-Kortis, Colorful Characters (At the Farmer's Market)
Kathleen Quinn-Kortis, Chillin'
Maxene Raymond, Shadow Fencing
Maxene Raymond, Hedge Fun: Golden Arches
Mary Richmond, I See You!
Mary Richmond, Where's Harry?
Sarah Riley, Camille (Claudel) and Seraphine (des Senlis) Travel Together
Hugo Rizzoli, Mornings at Sunshine Daycare
Jillian Robertson, Life-support
Jillian Robertson, Serenity
Karen R. Ryder, Blue Nose
T.J. Seguin, Oh Dear!
Susan Simon, Nick of Time
Susan Simon, Brother Act
Lyn Slade, Flora and Fauna
Claudia Smith-Jacobs, Manolos?
Stu Sporn, Large Garlic Press
Margot Stage, Boogie Woogie
Linda Maria Steele, Searching for Sea Treasures
Dorene Sykes, How Do I Look?
Michelle Sylvia, Bird Brain
Michelle Sylvia, Searching for Pearls
Janet Thornton, Silk Road
Janet Thornton, Serenade
Merideth Toler, Rosie
Multiple Artists from Transitions Centers, Dream World
Arthur Tsicoulias, Dunking
Nancy Walbek, Hit the Wall
Nancy Walbek, Norwegian Polka
Pam Abrams Warnick, Old Man Among the Doves
Pam Abrams Warnick, Road Trip
Elizabeth White, Cat with Woman
Elizabeth White, Clean Necks
Frank Winters, Shoot the Freak