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Some Sunny Songs from the Salty Side

Brendan Princi presents “Some Sunny Songs from the Salty Side” at Cotuit Center for the Arts on Wednesday, October 23, at 7:30 PM.

Singer/songwriter Brendan Princi has gathered together, in his words, “an intensely talented eight-piece band of beautiful souls for a magical night of music.”

The band will play an eclectic mix of Americana, funk, and rock originals and covers. “Some songs,” said Princi, “will give you goosebumps and some will get you out of your seat tapping your feet to the beat. There will be a mix of string and vocal harmonies to soothe the soul and thumping beats to tickle your inner child and drive ya wild.”

The concert features Princi on vocals and rhythm guitar; Brian Sances on guitar, bass, 12-string guitar, and vocals; Siobhan Magnus on vocals; Mike Machaby on bass, lap steel guitar, guitar, and vocals; Mike Machaby on bass, lap steel guitar, guitar, and vocals; Joe Lundeen on percussion, vocals, and guitar; George Smith on keyboard and vocals; Marcus Skapars on drums; and Lary Chaplan on violin.

The Molly Parmenter Trio opens the evening. Parmenter is a Cape Cod singer/songwriter who blends a rhythmic acoustic style with sparse, soulful vocals to create a haunting, emotion-invoking sound.

Brendan Princi: vocals, rhythm guitar
Brian Sances: guitar, bass, 12-string, vocals
Siobhan Magnus: vocals
Mike Machaby: bass, lap steel, guitar, vocals
Joe Lundeen: percussion, vocals, guitar
George Smith: keyboard, vocals
Marcus Skapars: drums
Lary Chaplan: violin

Opening act:
Molly Parmenter Trio

Sponsored by:
Naukabout Beer Company


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