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Teacher of the Year

  • May 28 - July 2

It’s the Spring of 2020 and the Minnehaha Montessori School of South Minneapolis has gone totally online. Annie – a finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year – should have no problem getting her 6th graders to the end of the school year.

Easy. Right?

Teacher of the Year tells the story of a woman, a family, a school, a community, a pandemic, and a murder in the city of Minneapolis during the tumultuous Spring of 2020.

Cotuit Center for the Arts and Eventide Theatre Company are proud to present the world premiere broadcast of “Teacher of the Year”, a new play by Jim Dalglish. The show will be presented in 12 episodes with two episodes airing each Friday night from May 28 through July 2. This show will be broadcast on the two theaters’ YouTube channels.

Miranda Jonte - Annie


Calvin M. Thompson - Devon
Bonnie Fairbanks - Principal Edwards
Darlene Van Alstyne - Shiela
Nina Schuessler - Cass
Sara Sneed - Mrs. Gundersen
Jess Wilson - 911 Operator
Cathy Ode - Claire
Introducing: Marcus Coffey - Akeem

Artistic Team
J Hagenbuckle - Composer / Show Theme
Brian Fitzgibbons - Opening Credits Video Editor / Poster Design
Michelle Law - Properties Designer
Regine Vital - Dramaturge

Episode 1 The Pond Thumbnail

Episode 1 - May 28
The Pond

It’s the first day of virtual learning for Annie and her 6th graders at Minnehaha Montessori of South Minneapolis and her principal is on her case about the large aquarium in her classroom that is beginning to stink.

Episode 2 Mothers Micro aggressions Thumbnail

Episode 2 - May 28
Mothers and Micro-Aggressions

Annie discovers that her ex-husband and his wife have created an alternative curriculum for her 11-year-old son. Her mother - an ICU nurse - shares her pessimistic view on where the pandemic is heading.

Episode 3 A Kettle of Fish Thumbnail

Episode 3 - June 4
A Kettle of Fish

Annie outwits Principal Edwards and returns the fish to nature. She struggles to get her 6th graders excited about their new project - creating online retellings of stories from the Iliad.

Episode 4 Common Household Objects Thumbnail

Episode 4 - June 4
Common Household Objects

Principal Edwards decides to make attendance for the rest of the year optional. Annie has her remaining students present tableaus they have created for their Iliad projects. It doesn’t go well.

Episode 5 Mrs Gundersen Thumbnail

Episode 5 - June 11
Mrs. Gundersen

The shit hits the fan when a screen grab of one of the Iliad tableaus is posted on Twitter. Cass becomes ill and Annie turns to her ex-husband for support.

Episode 6 Annies Project Thumbnail

Episode 6 - June 11
Annie’s Project

To motivate the few students remaining in her class, Annie decides to create her own Iliad project. She receives a text from her mother begging for help.

Episode 7 First Responder Thumbnail

Episode 7 - June 18
First Responder

Annie calls for an ambulance and races to the hospital.

Episode 8 Murder in Minneapolis Thumbnail

Episode 8 - June 18
Murder in Minneapolis

Devon takes his family to a Black Lives Matter march to protest the killing of George Floyd. Annie tries to remain optimistic about Cass’s health.

Episode 9 Annie Goes Undercover Thumbnail

Episode 9 - June 25
Annie Goes Under Cover

Annie manages to evade hospital security in order to see Cass.

Episode 10 The School Board Meeting

Episode 10 - June 25
The School Board Meeting

Annie attends the school board meeting and gets devastating news.

Episode 11 Lesson Plan on Loss Thumbnail

Episode 11 - July 2
A Lesson Plan on Loss

As Minneapolis descends into chaos, Annie struggles to explain to Akeem what has happened to his grandmother. Principal Edwards reaches out to Annie in a gesture of support.

Episode 12 Trojan Woman Thumbnail

Episode 12 - July 2
Trojan Woman

After Annie’s life goes up in flames, help comes from an unexpected source.