The Weight Of Silence

The Weight of Silence: post-show talkback

We are pleased to announce that Cheryl Allan Carlyle, the playwright of The Weight of Silence, will be participating in a talk back with the cast, director and audience on Sunday, January 27 following the matinee performance.

In a story of survival and unrealized loyalty, The Weight of Silence features a mostly female cast whose struggles shed light on everything from abandonment to abuse, and on the inner child who shoulders it all. This work features complex family dynamics between two generations of women, focuses largely on 15-year old Grace, her mother Cathy, and her aunt Sarah. The Weight of Silence invites us to ask ourselves some difficult questions, to examine the impact of our action and inaction, and to explore the resiliency of the human spirit.

The play also offers a unique and immersive format. While characters do interact with each other in flashbacks to earlier points in time, The Weight of Silence centers largely on shattering the fourth wall. As characters tell their stories for the very first time, they address the audience directly, drawing in viewers as both observers and allies.

* Trigger warning: This play contains some references to physical and sexual abuse.

The Weight of Silence
Performance and post-show talkback with cast, director and playwright
in the Black Box Theater
Sunday, January 27, 2:00pm