Kim sheerin pottery

Throwing & Surface Decoration

Right now, surface decoration is all the rage in ceramics and this class will teach you different methods for accomplishing unique and personalized designs and textures. First learn the basics of throwing to create a base form, then explore making that vessel your own with the use of Sgraffito, Slip-trailing,and Stamping. With this class you will create work to decorate, create stamps of your own, and find your voice in your clay masterpieces.

About the Instructor

Kimberly Sheerin earned her BA in Studio Art (with a Ceramics Focus) at The University Of New Hampshire, in 1996. She has been making and teaching out of her studio, The Barn Pottery, in Pocasset, Massachusetts, for over 23 years. Kimberly enjoys teaching all ages and abilities, as well as those with disabilities. Kim’s teaching philosophy has been influenced by her work as the Art Teacher at Bridgeview Montessori School. By “Following the Student” she helps to guide and meet you where your skills are, and then helps to empower you to create and find your own clay voice.

Kimberly’s intricately decorated work has been seen in many of the Cape’s premier venues, including Cotuit Center for the Arts. While she typically creates functional pottery, her Social Justice mission, has led to a more artistic series, “Vessels as Vehicles”. These pieces tackle current issues in society with a focus on educating about human trafficking.

Our classes and workshops are open to students of all abilities and needs. We are currently unable to provide one-on-one instruction, though we will make every attempt to address accommodations for full and successful engagement whenever possible.
If a student requires individual supports, parent/guardian/PCA/teacher/ABA Therapists/etc are welcome to attend.
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