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The Cotuit Center for the Arts VIDEO WALL PROGRAM screens a diverse selection of Fine Art Animation and Moving-image artworks from regional, national, and international artists. Screenings include a variety of styles and artistic voices that explore our understanding of creative expression, and engage us with the global community, and the natural world.

The video wall is comprised of six monitors covering an approximate 6 ft x 6ft screening area along with headphones for viewer listening. This larger format with audio access allows moving-image artworks to be shown in a dynamic scale and soundscape for an enhanced audience experience.

In addition, the Video Wall screens supplementary video that supports the Cotuit Center for the Art’s gallery exhibition spaces, including recorded interviews, exhibit trailers, studio talks and artist-at-work videos, etc.

March 4th - April 23rd Video Wall Exhibit

Earth Tree Sky Poster Laurels

Lucy Boyd Wilson
Earth | Tree | Sky


Designed as both a fulldome and virtual reality experience, “Earth | Tree | Sky” immerses the viewer in the mystery and majesty of a tree in all its domains, from earth to sky.

Viewers are taken on a meditative journey, fully enveloped in the intimate complexity of roots and grasses, branches and leaves. The piece expresses, with reverence and a visual poetry, that a tree belongs to the earth, the land, and the sky, bridging these domains with grandeur and grace.

Artist Statement

I am an experiential artist, a programmer, a technologist. But it is the gentle flows and processes of natural environments that inspire me to create. I am always in wonder of our vibrant living world and express what I love: its sensitivities, the ebbs and flows, all that ripples and flutters and flocks.

I create worlds in motion, and place the viewer within, surrounded, enveloped. Our landscapes and seas and skies are all in motion. Even slow motion. I want to evoke that feeling of being suspended in awe… in love of our lands. The minimum we can do for our lands is to notice. To notice both the simplicity and the complexity of the natural world that surrounds us… the world that we belong to.

With this short film “Earth | Tree | Sky”, I explore the poetic and spiritual nature of a tree in its earth and sky domains. A Tree is part of the intimate webbing of our natural universe, as are we. 


Lucy Boyd-Wilson is an experiential artist living in San Diego, California. She grew up in England and Canada, studied Computer Science at McGill in Montreal, and Fine Arts at Concordia.

After a technical career as an animation and video-game programmer, she has been working the last few years as a solo artist. Her mediums include immersive and interactive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. Creating immersive experiences is her main focus. For Lucy Boyd-Wilson “immersion is a medium”.


"Techspressionism is an artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience. It can also refer to a 21st-century artistic and social movement." -- Wikipedia