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Best of the Woods Hole Film Festival: Shorts 1

  • Oct 9, 2023 @ 8:00pm

Award-winning shorts, drama, comedy, documentary and animation

DECIDING VOTE, short documentary by Jeremy Workman and Robert Lyons, USA, 20 mins. 2023, winner Jury award, Best Short Documentary
Synopsis: 50 years ago, a now-forgotten New York assemblyman cast a single tie-breaking vote that legalized abortion in New York and laid the groundwork for Roe v Wade.

DRAGON POETS OF BOSTON, short comedy by Gordon LePage, USA, 9 mins, 2023, runner up Audience Award, Best Short Comedy
Synopsis: Two underemployed dragons have a revelation when they audition for a podcast.

MANO, short animation by Brittany Biggs, USA, 10 mins, 2023, winner Audience Award, Best Animated Short
Synopsis: Manō is a short, animated film illustrating the human impact on sharks and coral reefs, as seen through the eyes of a Tiger Shark in Hawaiian waters over hundreds of millions of years.

SEEDS OF CHANGE, short documentary by Maximilian Armstrong, USA, 27 mins., winner Audience Award, Best Short Documentary
Synopsis: An organic Farmer in Maine sets out to transform the prison food system.

THE BOND, short drama by Jahmil Eady, USA, 16 mins., runner up Audience Award, Best Short Drama
Synopsis: Pregnant and incarcerated, Aria fights for her most precious connection against a system designed to isolate her.

THE VACATION, short comedy by Jarreau Carrillo, USA, 10 mins., winner Jury Award, Best Short Comedy
Synopsis: A Black man attempts to take a vacation.

Monday, October 9th, 8 pm

Tickets: $16 per screening, $12 members

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