Winter Art Book Marks copy

Winter Art 2023: Book Marks

  • Jan 21 — Feb 25, 2023

Winter Art 2023: Book Marks
Art Inspired by Literature

January 21 – February 25
Opening Reception January 21, 3:00-5:00pm

Submission drop-off January 16th

Welcome to our popular Winter Art exhibit, 2023 edition! This year we are calling for art inspired by literature. Which books have made their mark on you? Do you love classic literature? Magical realism? Books about gardening? Cookbooks? How about using books or book material in your design? Or maybe you are inspired by the bookmark itself, which first appeared around 1862 by Thomas Stevens. Silk bookmarks that Victorians adored? Old Christmas cards turned into bookmarks? Or maybe you are inspired by random marks in books: coffee drips, cat prints, pencil marks of favorite sayings? Let your imagination create the unexpected! We can’t wait to see what you love!