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Nancy Fish Table 1

Fantastic Furniture Painting

Turn that old side table into a masterpiece or that ugly chair into an heirloom! Transform old, unwanted, or unused pieces of furniture into works of art! If you can hold a paintbrush you can master the techniques taught in this class.


PAINTING: Powerful & Personal

Let go and allow your art to take place without preconceived notions. The journey an artist strives for is to arrive at a place where discoveries happen. Leave your comfort zone and enter a world of exciting and expressive painting.

Jackies Class

Open Life Drawing and Painting

These sessions provide an opportunity to work in a studio environment from a live model in the artists preferred medium. Artist Jessie Nickerson will structure and time the model as well as be available for some basic instruction and coaching.

Palette Watercolor

Watercolor Wednesdays with Rosalie

Contrary to popular belief, watercolor is very forgiving. It has a fluidity and transparency unlike any other medium. Prior to beginning a beautiful painting, you'll be guided in sketching the subject (no prior drawing experience necessary).

Drums 1423227119

Drumming Through Trauma

Designed for veterans with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also open to anyone struggling with trauma of any kind: brain injury, stroke, dementia, and PTSD. With Sam Holmstock of Entrain.

Beach Rose

Photography 101

Learn how to use your controls, adjustments, and abilities to help you take and make better pictures. Join fine art photographer/ photography instructor Susan Simon in this five-week class as you uncover the essentials of photography.


Cape Cod Drum Circle

With Sam Holmstock of Entrain. A Drum Circle is a group of people from just a few to, say, 50, sitting in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and World percussion.

Hdr Image

Intro to HDR Photography

In this fast-paced class, award-winning juried fine art photographer and instructor Bob Singer explains and illustrates high dynamic range imaging and shows you how to easily create your own HDR masterpieces in your computer’s digital darkroom.

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