Carl Lopes: A 5 Decade Retrospective

October 19 - November 16

Opening Reception October 19

Cotuit Center for the Arts is thrilled to host this milestone exhibition by Carl Lopes. His geometrical paintings have evolved over five decades into a personal and highly recognizable style. This upcoming solo show will exhibit works of each decade since 1980. His evolution of techniques and his transforming ideas will be on full display.

Having trained in realism, Carl's energy and interest quickly turned to geometric painting to explore the gradations of tones. Eventually incorporating complex grid systems within the full tonal range, he injected floating spheres, faux textures and cast shadows to replicate distance, form and space.

As Carl's work and artistic voice evolved, he embraced the geometric patterns and visual rhythms of African design. His mixed medium of acrylics, holographic papers and beads create visual changes in colors and movement when viewed from different vantage points. This creates an interactive connection with the audience, drawing them in for closer inspection. The paintings appear as if they are stained glass lit from behind leaving viewers intrigued and amazed.

For more information please visit his website by clicking here.