Open Studio at the McGraw


Open Studio is your opportunity to practice your art outside of a classroom setting!

  • All adult students age 18+ can use the studio facilities free of charge during the time that they are enrolled in an ongoing multi-day class or workshop and there is an Open Studio session available to attend. Access begins after the class start date and ends when the class is over.
    Participants will have access to studio space, tools, and equipment. Additional clay can be purchased from the Studio, and the price includes glazing and firing.
    One-day workshop and drop-in students may purchase passes to attend Open Studio.
  • We encourage all studio users to take a class at the Center initially so that they learn the studio’s practices. However, experienced clay artists may purchase Open Studio passes without taking a class but first need to contact Leah Maxwell at
    Please note that we don't store bagged clay for non-student Open Studio users.
  • We normally offer 12-15 hours of Open Studio time each week. The schedule varies depending on studio availability and is generally posted one month in advance. Each Open Studio session is three hours long to give you the time to be creative. One-day and multi-day passes are available, as well as a Mud Buddy Monthly pass. See below for details.
  • We also offer limited Quiet Practice Open Studio hours to our experienced students and pass-holders. Please see Leah for details.
  • All Open Studio Sessions must be booked in advance so that we can manage the number of people in the studio. If you are already taking a class or have an Open Studio pass, click here to check in and reserve your spot.
  • To ensure that all of our users have access to Open Studio, you may only book one Open Studio session per day.

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way so if you book an Open Studio session and can’t use it, please let us know beforehand so that we can offer it to someone else and it doesn’t go to waste. If people repeatedly book sessions and don’t use them, we reserve the right to charge pass holders for missed sessions or remove access to enrolled students.

Please note, Open Studio is for current adult students and experienced clay artists only. Dates and times are subject to change.

Open Studio Options

Books of Passes

Only pay for what you use! Open Studio passes can be purchased individually and as books of 5 and 10 passes. Each pass is valid for one year and allows you to use the studio during one Open Studio session:

Number of passes 1 5 10
Total Cost $30 $125 $220
Effective cost per Open Studio session $30 $25 $22

How to Purchase

Click one of the links below to purchase a pass and click here to check in and reserve the date you'd like to attend.

Mud Buddy Monthly Program

For a monthly payment of $150, you can use the Studio whenever there’s an Open Studio session. If you attend every session in a month, that works out to just $2.50 per hour!
The Mud Buddy Monthly program is great for students and experienced artists who want regular access to the studio (get those 10,000 hours of practice in!). Your monthly payment can be cancelled at any time.

Making Open Studio Work For Everyone

What you can expect from us during Open Studio:

  • A clean workspace with working equipment
  • Clay available for purchase (includes glazes and firing) at $35 per 25lb
  • A staff member or clay volunteer on site to help and advise you
  • To fire greenware and items for glazing in a timely manner

What we expect from you during Open Studio:

  • To work in a safe and harmonious manner in accordance with our Health & Safety policy. If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment, please ask a staff member first.
  • To only use the clay sold in our studio, and glazes we purchase for studio use. When using community kilns, unknown clays and glazes can easily ruin everyone’s work!
  • To mark or sign your work so that it can be identified.
  • To clean up your workspace after you have finished and before the Open Studio session is over.
  • To have fun and be creative!

Because this is a community studio and space is limited, we ask users to confine large-scale ‘production’ activities to their personal studios. Our target is 5 pieces or fewer per Open Studio attendee per weekly firing.
Please note that the firing of over-sized pieces (larger than 2000 cubic inches) may be delayed depending on kiln traffic volume. Pieces larger than 2000 cubic inches are subject to a kiln surcharge. Please see Leah or Sarah for details.

Prices for specialist materials such as silicone rubber, resins, and epoxies will charged based upon actual usage.