AUDITIONS: Lulu's Lemonade Stand

Jun. 15, 2018

Theater Under the Stairs is holding auditions for their 8th summer family show on Saturday June 30 from 12-3pm. We are re-mounting one of our most popular shows, "Lulu's Lemonade Stand" (now also an illustrated storybook!) in a whole new, revamped production.This year's show will be performed in the BLACK BOX, which means not only is the seating limited, but the stage space is as well. Therefore, we will be casting a much smaller group of actors this year than in years previous.

Please read this audition notice carefully and email Holly at with any questions.

We are seeking 6-9 young actors (AGES 10+, Teenagers and Young Adults strongly encouraged to audition) to play the following roles:

Lulu - an adventurous and enterprising young entrepreneur.

Akira - Lulu's friend. A bit precocious. Often speaks directly to the audience.

Broadband - Lulu's friend. Loves FACTS. A walking, talking, wikipedia.

Maude - Lulu's friend. Macabre, monotone, likes the color black. Probably reads a lot of Poe.

Derek - Lulu's friend. Constantly moving. Does a great T-Rex impression. Probably doesn't read much at all.

Oink - Lulu's friend. A mysterious pig. No really, she's a pig.

Plus, a few more actors to play various smaller roles, pigs, etc.

At the audition, we will read excerpts from the script. If you would like to peruse the exerpts beforehand, please email for a copy.
Performances are August 17- September 2, Friday - Monday at 10am. Rehearsals will begin in mid-July.

If you are unable to attend the auditions, but are still interested in being considered, please email

If you are a high school/college student who is unavailable for the last performances, we welcome you to attend the auditions anyway, as it may be possible to work something out.

We look forward to seeing you all at the audition!