Winter Weather Conditions -- Please Read

Dec. 4, 2022 / Bulletins
Winter Warning

Statement to Community about Coming to Campus When Weather Is Wintry

Dear Cotuit Center for the Arts Community,

Winter is here. And so is winter weather. We pride ourselves on taking all measures necessary to groom the driveway, parking lots, and walkways to keep them as free from ice and snow as possible. I will monitor the weather when snow/ice is predicted. And we will cancel or delay programs, events, and classes as necessary. Class participants can check our website and will be contacted directly in the event of a cancellation or delay due to weather.

We employ two professional snow removal companies. Additionally, staff grooms walkways with ice melt when necessary. But these measures do not completely guarantee a dry surface free of any danger. So if you are visiting campus during the winter, such as to take a class, visit the gallery, or meet with someone on staff, we urge you to use your own discretion about your safety.

Please note that we may need to close the parking lot at the Ceramics Studio in a snow event. Our plowing experts have warned us about the dangerous nature of stone even after being plowed. It remains icy and can be treacherous. We want to keep you safe! So we will keep our eye on the weather and may close that lot as necessary to safeguard you. We will also make ourselves available to assist you and your belongings and class items from your car to the Ceramics Studio.

If mobility is a concern at all, we suggest not visiting campus until you feel it would be safer for you to do so. We will miss you! But we want you to be safe at all costs.


David Kuehn
Executive Director